The all-in-one food technology platform.

Our combination of world-class hardware, software, and services makes it easy for every kind of business to create a conveniently smart retail experience whatever your space.

Self-service solutions to keep customers happy and boost your bottom line.

Self-Service Solutions

Convenience without the cashier.

PicoCoffee | UK Landing Page


Add snacks, drinks, or pre-packaged meals to a coffee order to increase revenues and improve customer service.

MM6 & MM6 Mini | UK |

Micro Market Kiosks

Designed for medium to large spaces, our self-checkout kiosks combine greater choice with easy-to-use payments to save time and keep customers happy.

Smart Stores

The choice and convenience your customers want – with the security you need.


Sell diverse, high-margin, better-for you products in private or semi-public spaces to locations that have limited space, but require more product choice.

PicoCooler Breeze

Smart, secure and fits almost anywhere to keep products fresh and secure, with smart pay and checkout solutions that only open on payment.


Stock snacks and fresh products in easy-to-use smart cabinets with refrigerated and ambient storage systems powered by smart product recognition.

Powerful tools to manage, streamline, and keep track of everything.

Vending Management System (VMS)
Spend less, sell more, and take control – all from one platform.

Manage your unattended business lines – including vending, smart stores, micro markets, office coffee, and more – all from one powerful platform.

Catering Efficiency
Save time, money, and deliver a better service.

Handle orders, planning, preparation, and delivery through our Spoonfed catering management software.

Warehouse Optimisation
Reduce errors, cut labor costs, and streamline operations.

Organise your warehouse to increase picking efficiency, reduce labor costs, and run a tighter operation.

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